1. meg:i just really wanted a dalmatian
  2. me:i just really wanted roger
  3. meg:i know
  4. me:and then it laid dormant
  5. me:for seventeen years
  6. me:like those really fucking obnoxious cicadas

this fandom has so many will mcavoy fangirls who hate maggie and i just smh because

  1. maggie is the young female version of will
  2. do you remember where will grew up? he isn’t here for your victim-shaming bullshit either 
  3. neither is sorkin bc he put those words into will’s mouth in 2.01 when talking to rebecca

Story is marked complete, is called a one-shot in the summary and in the author’s note, still gets reviews like:

Great start. Can’t wait to read more.

You’re writing thousands of words AND going to school — it’s ridiculous. I wrote like three paragraphs on Saturday, and that was the most I’ve done since the fall.

To be fair, it’s pure escapism. And I guess I trained myself into it? Part of my therapy for PTSD was writing therapy (which is recommended since it becomes hard to verbalize at times for people with PTSD) where I would write 3,000-5,000 words a day and since then it’s just become habit to generally knock out a thousand a day, even if I wind up deleting it. It helps me distract myself from stress.

lilacmermaid25 replied to your post “In news that will surprise no one, my post 1.07 AU has turned into a…”

Wonderful news! :)

Yeah, and if words co-operate, you get chapter one tonight. (Stares at word document.)

Harper Honey: The Problem with Lamilly


Changing the ideal body once again will not break down the fact that we have put an ideal in place. Although there are many girls who will never look like Barbie, there are plenty of girls who will never look like Lamilly either. The problem is not what do our dolls look like?, but what expectations are we placing on our children? You may remember from my Op-Ed on Photoshopping that I have a problem when someone tries to tell us that there are right bodies and wrong ones.

When engineering a doll with the goal of being “normal” (one that Barbie never had) you’re also setting out to describe what is “abnormal.” That’s one of the biggest reasons why I cannot support Lamilly. Though I thought initial renderings of a more average looking Barbie were a great and powerful statement that brought light to how our perceptions can be skewed by imageswe are told are ideal, the idea of someone selling these dolls on the mass market with the purpose being that this is “the real right body” is really disturbing. Girls should learn about how beautiful and wonderful all different kinds of bodies are from other, real women— not from one doll.


It’s not though? The point of Ellen’s character arc was that she was still the same person at heart, before and after having her memories rewritten. She could be a brilliant scientist by day and then go drink all night while she hooked up with men in the bar. She completely destroys the standard cultural ideas many have about what a “smart woman” or a “bad girl” is supposed to be - she fits into both of those tropes simultaneously and on top of that is so much more - she’s loving, dedicated, and strong. Sleeping around is a part of who she is, and it’s pretty clear she and Saul have made that a part of their relationship; that they’re not each other’s only partner. I’ve spoken at length about this, but in short she does it because she enjoys it and that doesn’t make her any less or worse of a person.

As for John, he’s too self-centered for that. He was having sex with her on New Caprica because it was how he tried to personally humiliate and degrade her. He is absolutely the type that makes these things personal and he would get no satisfaction from having someone or something else take credit for the vengeance that is rightfully his. Also there’s the fact that she enjoys it - the absolute last thing John wants is for her to be happy lmao, why would he program her like that? 

To be honest, It makes me uncomfortable that OP seems to think Ellen isn’t a “really amazing” character if she’s having sex whenever and with whoever she wants of her own will. She’s a sex-positive character and the fact that OP seems to want to erase that in order to like her is pretty telling. 

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"Shortish" , she says.